Hybrid components

...made of thermosetting molding compounds

Duroplast is ideal for overmolding various materials. Due to its specific material advantages, it is not only capable of displacing thermoplastics, which it surpasses especially in terms of strength and continuous use temperature. Especially in connection with the upheaval in the automotive industry, thermoplastics are opening up new application areas through digitization and electromobility.

Some examples of possible hybrid applications:

Duroplast with

  • Metal components
  • Thermoplastic components
  • Complete electronics
  • Sensors and wires
  • Rotors/stators


  • Media tightness
  • Media resistance
  • Dimensional stability
  • EMC shielding
  • Insulation properties

The biggest challenge in processing remains process capability, with the tool playing a major role. Trust our competence and experience here.
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