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About us

KSM - Innovationen in Duroplast
Our Company designs, develops and produces high precision parts from all thermoset molding compounds. KSM supplies the Household Appliance and Electricale Industry worldwide, and belongs to the leading thermoset processors in Europe.

KSM – thermosets as material with future
We match your specific requirements with the excellent properties of the thermosets molding compounds: Excellent aesthetics, mechanical and thermal resistence, flame retardance and dimension stability make these materials ideal solutions for your product needs.

KSM – From the idea to series production
We offer the whole bandwith of development and material selection from 3D-design and tooling, to powerful production with assembly and coating possibilities.


The Group

KSM - Strong in Unity
in cooperration with „Hurst+Schröder“ (Germany), „Domoelektro (Hungary) and HS Electronic (Slowakia) our group of companies offers a wide and technologically advanced range of products. This unity establishes benefits for our customers.

Logo KSM   Logo: Hurst + Schröder GmbH    
KSM Kunststofftechnik
in Meschede (D)
  Hurst + Schröder
in Werdohl (D)
in Budapest (HU)
in Nizna (SK)
- - - - - - -
Designs, develops and manufactures precision parts of thermoset molding compounds.   Develops and manufactures mechanical and electro-technical components.   High production capacity, low production costs, products for own market.  

Develops and manufactures electronic assemblies.

- - - - - - -

Heat shields Electronic partsDrive elements and motor housingStove bars and switch handle


Switch HandlesResidual Heat IndicatorsDisplay ElementsSpecial components


Power SuppliesControllersSensor boardsSmall electrical devicesMotor controllers

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